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Nahee Enterprises

Forms & Reports

Let our group of experts at Nahee Enterprises handle all of your reporting and forms issues, especially in those areas where our experience and knowledge will give you that professional touch.   Whether the need for an automated process for creating an in-house or organization wide phone directory, or specific statistical reporting based upon quarterly and yearly data.   No task is to small or great to be efficiently and effectively designed for your needs.

Nahee Enterprises has experience creating reports within various products, including Crystal Reports, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access), Adobe Acrobat, Lotus, WordPerfect, and many more.   Plus, we can make any of these accessable through the Internet as web pages on your own site for your users, members and clients.   The reports could be "static" or "dynamic", pulling data from your own existing databases or other accessable sources.

Or, have forms created (for user access) to acquire feedback in registration, membership updates, event participation, and many other areas.   These could be interactive through web pages, and/or downloadable for later use and submission.

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