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3-D, Virtual Reality & VRML

What exactly is 3-D?   Well it is short for three-dimensional.   A three-dimensional medium not only has height (the distance from the base to the top) and width (the measurement of the extent from side to side), but also depth.   Depth is the extent, measurement, or dimension downward, backward, or inward, where there is a sense of distance from an observation point, such as a linear perspective in a drawing.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?   Well it is a 3-D world that you can travel in and around.   Nahee Enterprises' creative programmers can bring your imagination to life.   Nahee Enterprises uses various Modeling and Rendering software applications so we can make custom 3-D objects for you.   We can make the worlds stand alone by writing environment code for your world, or we can export the world to VRML format for the Internet.   This will allow VRML browsers to view the world, but it will not have the personality as a custom program.

What is VRML?   VRML is the acronym for Virtual Reality Modeling Language.   VRML is a language for describing three-dimensional (3-D) image sequences and possible user interactions with them.   Using VRML, you can build a sequence of visual images into Web settings with which a user can interact by viewing, moving, rotating, and otherwise interacting with an apparently 3-D scene.   For example, you can view a room and use controls to move the room as you would experience it if you were walking through it in real space.   For the user it is a way to bring your visions to life.

To view a VRML file, you need a VRML viewer or browser, which can be a plug-in for a Web browser you already have.   Among viewers you can download are Silicon Graphics' Cosmo Player, WebFX, WorldView, and Fountain for the Windows platforms.   Whurlwind and Voyager are two viewers for the Mac.

For more information, visit the VRML Consortium and the VRML Repository.

Nahee Enterprises can make custom VRML for the Internet.   We also make stand alone VR application worlds.   Please feel free to contact us about VR apps or VRML worlds.

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